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Famous and unique in Europe, Gyula Castle Bath spa, covering more than 15 Bathing and swimming pool awaits guests who want to heal. Here you can find all your relevant to the basin as well as the elderly kicsiktől: thermal pool, thermal bath, sports, and a Wellness Center tarkítják choice. A recent renovation has made the Gyula Castle Bath Spa in Hungary has become the best. Many services are offered at very reasonable prices.

The spa is located in the vicinity of Central and Eastern Europe remained intact téglavára, where the Castle Theater in color throughout the summer, entertained the audience with presentations. Museum and the castle tower is operational. The grassy area around the castle offers myriad opportunities for recreation events.

Free körbejárhatják the city and come to see the sights of the Castle Bath of Gyula kisvonat utasaként front sightseeing.

I do not forget the sports vágyókról not. Nearby there is the opportunity to play tennis, kajakozni, horse riding, fishing. This request is taken to separate locations in the complex.

6 KMre Gyula each other in the river Black and White round, where open-air baths are available. The road is worth while to stop the gyulaiak frequently visited by the fruit stand, where in addition to open-night, and soft drinks purchased in MISCELLANEOUS.

Gyula Castle Bath: four-star spa and beach Almássy the 8.5-acre mansion, 200 years ősparkjában. All ages, perfect for relaxing in the spa and pool, whirlpool, and a wave of child víziparadicsom, the slides of the winter indoor 50-m versenyuszoda, as well as the wellness center.

Bárdos Bridge: The city's oldest road bridge

Kossuth square and the surrounding area: Fountains, Mosaic, and the creation of the world receiving other attractions. Nagyhíd (Kőhíd, Kapushíd), World, Happy Apor sculpture of William, 1956-a memorial.

The Gyula Castle, János Corvin Museum: Central Europe's only remaining intact téglavára - Castle Museum today, since the summer of 1964 Gyula Castle Theater hosts performances.

1848-1849-es honvédtiszti memorial: A statue of the nine posztamensen of 1849. Gyula accommodated in August, and October 6 - 9 generals executed in Arad on the symbol. (Szálláshelyeiket plaques indicate.)

Ladics House: The XIX.-XX. century intellectuals, landowner and capitalist way of life of five contractor retained generation furniture, objects, and clothed spiritual memories.


One Hundred Years cukárszda - the country's most beautiful biedermeyer confectionery 1840 onwards-cukrászműhely of sophistication in today's many museums fall.

Rádiótörténeti Exhibition

Kohán Gallery. The Gyula, Kossuth Prize painter's works.

Virgin Mary's grace and memorabilia collection

The birthplace of Ferenc Erkel, Ferenc Erkel Memorial. The east wall of Dürer House Memorial in remembrance of the family of Albert Dürer, Gyula beside the medieval, the town has long been an integral part of the Ajtósról origin.

Franciscan romkert: Church and kolostorrom.

Hústörténeti Museum: The Collection Üzemtörténeti Gyulai Húskombinát meat.